What is Caatacombb ?


Well, Caatacombb aims to be an idle cliker - RPG game genre.
You manage 5 heros into an endless Caatacombb.

It takes the concept of clicker game, which is click, click, click, build something to increase rates, sit, coffee

It takes the gameplay of a RPG game where each character have specials abilities, can earn experience…

Meet your team


There’s a princess at the end of the catacombs. True story.

There’s no end

Caatacombb is not designed to have limits. There’s no level limitation of any kind. If you do not stackoverflow my integers.

How do I play ?


Specials abilities & Attributes

The characters use basic attack at their attack speed rates. The player triggers their skill attack as fast as possible.
Each character have its own attack effect, skill effect and attributes.

Who did this ?


Caatacombb is made by Joris La Cancellera. Arts are from real middle age illuminations