First build of Caatacombb is build #3

Why would you start with build #1 ?

Pleased to say: Caatacombb is now out for preview!
Back to March 2015, Caatacombb was just two words on a post-it “Clicker” - “RPG”.
I started making this game on June 2015, from 10 to 20 hours a week of work to finally release this first build in March 2016.. Yeah!!.

Upcoming builds

Balance metadata

I wish this was easy to balance stats.

Attributes & Skill effects

  • I’ll add a dodge attribute, which will be important for the Archer.
  • Implement the vampire rage effect which convert damage done into self healing.
  • Implement critical effect.

Account System

  • Account to save and restore progression.
  • Leaderboards of a lot of statistics.

Tutorial in game

Caatacombb is not that user friendly.